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Annoyance in the Windows SDK headers

Today I ran into the following error: Error 1 error C2733: second C linkage of overloaded function ‘_interlockedbittestandset’ not allowed $VCDIR\include\intrin.h 944 Error 2 error C2733: second C linkage of overloaded function ‘_interlockedbittestandreset’ not allowed $VCDIR\include\intrin.h 945 Eeek, what’s going … Continue reading

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The best satire since Starship Troopers, if you ask me

Officially Iron Sky (plot description contains spoilers!) is a comedic film. This is probably due to the fact that it is not based on a book such as Starship Troopers. It certainly has loads of comic moments, as all satires … Continue reading

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What a beautiful day indeed …

Today was even more awesome. Met with someone at 11:30, had a decent chat for about three hours, had a nice walk, met more nice people, went to shop supplies, drove to another place had a nice BBQ from the … Continue reading

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What a beautiful day …

… to watch Iron Sky. What better date to watch a movie that mocks Nazis than at the “Führer’s” birthday? Anyone with me? Bío Paradís, Reykjavík, Iceland, tonight at 20:00. Achtung, Achtung! Ze Germans are coming to see ze movie! … Continue reading

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Ich hätte nicht gedacht, daß es jemals soweit käme …

… aber ich denke, daß ich einer Partei beitreten werde. Diese Partei verkörpert eine Lösung – unter Ausnutzung der aktuellen Rechtslage – für das Problem welches ich oft und lautstark anprangere. Die Tatsache, daß in Deutschland keine NEIN-Stimmen auf dem … Continue reading

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A good cause

International Letter & Petition to Asma al-Assad, first lady of Syria. It is a very moving and yet very disturbing clip. Sign the petition here, I did. And spread the word. Although I’m certain that some bigger conflict (Iran) is … Continue reading

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Nett, eine sichere Pastebin-Alternative

Projektseite und Testinstallation (des Autors?) Super Geschichte. Ich hoffe, daß es noch auf GitHub oder BitBucket erscheint, so daß man die volle Versionsgeschichte bekommt. // Oliver

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Raspberry Pi shipping …?

Seems the first batches went to Farnell and RS. I registered my interest at RS already, let’s see. Seems like the demand is way above supply, so it’s pure chance. Besides, it appears that they sell only one per person … Continue reading

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Wow again, Norway …

It’s incredible how calm people remain in the face of this person who did those gruesome things. The Norwegians have my sincerest respect and compassion, in particular those that have been injured (body and mind) for life. And frankly I’m … Continue reading

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Thank you, whoever you are. Thank you sooo much!

Finally someone says it. Finally! Quote: Who the FUCK cares? Use what YOU like, not what someone on the internet tells you to. I wholeheartedly agree. Except when read vertically

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Finland’s Revolutionary Education System

Finland’s Revolutionary Education System Unfortunately they forgot to mention who inspired the Finnish system. Which is what got the German authorities thinking when they asked the Finns

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