Wow again, Norway …

It’s incredible how calm people remain in the face of this person who did those gruesome things. The Norwegians have my sincerest respect and compassion, in particular those that have been injured (body and mind) for life.

And frankly I’m moved to tears to see young people like his (surviving) victims stand up for the rights of a man who to most people has forfeit the right to be treated humanly. And yet, this may be the most hurtful thing for Breivik and people who think like him: the fact that a society doesn’t give in to such gruesome acts and changes its ways just as so many other “Western” countries did already.

Breivik may seem like a cynic, but it’s clear from his reaction (crying in court) that he isn’t the tough man he likes to present himself as.

Respect, Norway. Respect …

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