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A good cause

International Letter & Petition to Asma al-Assad, first lady of Syria. It is a very moving and yet very disturbing clip. Sign the petition here, I did. And spread the word. Although I’m certain that some bigger conflict (Iran) is … Continue reading

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Nett, eine sichere Pastebin-Alternative

Projektseite und Testinstallation (des Autors?) Super Geschichte. Ich hoffe, daß es noch auf GitHub oder BitBucket erscheint, so daß man die volle Versionsgeschichte bekommt. // Oliver

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Raspberry Pi shipping …?

Seems the first batches went to Farnell and RS. I registered my interest at RS already, let’s see. Seems like the demand is way above supply, so it’s pure chance. Besides, it appears that they sell only one per person … Continue reading

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