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International Letter & Petition to Asma al-Assad, first lady of Syria. It is a very moving and yet very disturbing clip. Sign the petition here, I did.

And spread the word.

Although I’m certain that some bigger conflict (Iran) is lurking just behind this one, once Assad has been toppled, I think the bloodshed has to stop.

The full text (that I signed):

Stop the bloodshed in Syria

Open letter to Asma Al-Assad

Dear Asma…

Some women care for style
and some women care for their people.

Some women struggle for their image
and some women struggle for their survival.

Some women have forgotten what they preached about peace
and some women can only pray for their dead.

Some women pretend that they have no choice
and some women just act.

What happened to you, Asma?

Hundreds of Syrian children have already been killed or injured.

One day, our children will ask us what we have done
to stop this bloodshed.

What will your answer be, Asma?

That you, Asma had no choice?
What about this boy, where was his choice?

Every single child had a name and a family.
Their lives will never be the same again.

Asma, when you kiss your own children goodnight,
another mother will find the pace next to her empty.

These children could all be your children.
They are your children.

Stand up for peace, Asma.
Speak out now. For the sake of your people.
Stop your husband and his supporters.

Stop being a bystander.

No one cares about your image.
We care about your action.

Right now.

Oliver Schneider

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