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Demokratie und Mitbestimmung nach “europäischer” Lesart

Weiterhin wird von “pro-russischen Separatisten” gesprochen, während es sich um ukrainische Staatsbürger handelt welche ursprünglich einfach mehr Recht und einen föderalen Staat haben wollten. Daß Hunter Biden, Sohn von Joe Biden – seines Zeichens Vizepräsident unter Barack Obama – eine … Continue reading

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Are you f-ing nuts, Washington Post?

So while the people in Eastern and Southeastern Ukraine insist on their right of self-determination – which the US is otherwise officially supporting whenever it benefits the pockets of big US corporations – and while they state that the referendum … Continue reading

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PewResearch: “Despite Concerns about Governance, Ukrainians Want to Remain One Country”

PewResearch published a report about a poll that was conducted before the events in Odessa last Friday. The so-called “pro-Russian separatists”, or as the interim government likes to put it “terrorists”, should perhaps be called “ethnic-Russian autonomists” instead? С днём … Continue reading

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Maria Zakharova wrote on the Facebook page of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs (Министерства иностранных дел России): One of the most important posts I ever did! I address this to my foreign media colleagues and friends from Reuters, CNN, … Continue reading

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Is Kerry the successor in spirit of Goebbels?

… and the State Department the new propaganda ministry? Check this out: http://youtu.be/jshAX9ialok Quite frankly I found the one-sidedness of this clip appalling. Not to mention the blatant lie starting at 1:12 concerning the options of the referendum on Crimea1. … Continue reading

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Die nächste Sau …

… wird durchs Dorf getrieben. Nicht, daß ich Frau Timoschenko als Sau bezeichnen will, aber ein Unschuldslamm ist sie zumindest nicht. Inzwischen entdecken auch einige der großen deutschen Medien, daß an den Vorwürfen gegen Julia Timoschenko vielleicht doch etwas sein … Continue reading

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Long time no see. Now that I’m back in Ukraine after eight years and almost departing again, old and good memories came up again. Sure, the roads right after the Polish/Ukrainian border still suck. True, the people still tend their … Continue reading

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