Maria Zakharova wrote on the Facebook page of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs (Министерства иностранных дел России):

One of the most important posts I ever did!
I address this to my foreign media colleagues and friends from Reuters, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Guardian, AP and many, many, many others I have honor to know and work with.
I beg you to look into the Ukrainian situation responsibly. Especially concerning today’s nightmare in Odessa. Try to be objective – your input, your personal responsible approach will be crucial. Your influence can help to stop Ukraine from bloody collapse or to bring the world to the new hell.
Don’t follow propaganda, blaming Russia in everything. Open your eyes. There were around 30 people burnt alive in Odessa. Now Ukrainian media is advocating this horror saying that those burnt people were Russians…
It is 2014, not 1944.

There’s no more to add than that I think we need to look back exactly 100 years and reconsider whether we want history to repeat all over again.

// Oliver

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