Is Kerry the successor in spirit of Goebbels?

… and the State Department the new propaganda ministry?

Check this out:

Quite frankly I found the one-sidedness of this clip appalling. Not to mention the blatant lie starting at 1:12 concerning the options of the referendum on Crimea ((which was 50% wrongly presented!)). You can say what you want about how legitimate this referendum was, if at all, but if you blurt out such lies, you deserve the utmost of skepticism and scrutiny … I just don’t see it anywhere in the mainstream Western media. Not in the US itself, not in its lackey states such as my home country: Germany.

Is the US State Department still home to the corps of US diplomats or rather the home to the US propagandists?

I realize that for the US it’s easy to continue to escalate things in Ukraine. It’s not on their doorstep. Being from the German/Polish border myself I know, though, that it’s only about 800 to 900 km on the road to the Ukrainian border from where I live.

Oh and then of course I spent a semester there and spent some time before the semester commenced in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Yalta and Alushta and so on. I have fond memories of the Crimea and of the Ukraine and the developments and the one-sided argumentation in the Western media can no longer be ignored.

// Oliver

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