Are you f-ing nuts, Washington Post?

So while the people in Eastern and Southeastern Ukraine insist on their right of self-determination – which the US is otherwise officially supporting whenever it benefits the pockets of big US corporations – and while they state that the referendum no matter whether it would be deemed legitimate or not had merely the character of a poll ((not determining whether Lugansk and Donetsk would want to become part of a federation, would favor autonomy or even fully separate from Ukraine as the terminology of Kiev and the Western media implies – when they don’t call them terrorists right away)), you, Washington Post, write:

Though Mr. Obama and Ms. Merkel linked steps against Russian industry and finance to the May 25 elections, the West must be ready to adopt some of those measures sooner if Russian-backed separatists do not back down from their vote.

Which means that Putin who has been very cautious in this whole foul play is being held liable for something that he cannot influence ((which is also shown by the population in SE/E Ukraine holding the referendum despite Putin’s proposal to postpone it)) while hundreds of US mercenaries are sent by Kiev against those Ukrainian citizens that insist on self-determination and are not in line with the ultra-nationalists from Western Ukraine?

Either we tell Putin to stay out and then conclude that he can’t be held liable for anything that goes wrong or right, especially when CIA, FBI and US mercenaries have been and currently are active in Ukraine. Or we let Putin march into Eastern Ukraine, NATO into Western Ukraine and let them jointly ensure that the elections on 25th of May take place, while observers from uninvolved nations ensure that the elections will be fair and just. Only, once that happens, I’m a bit afraid that both the Russians and the NATO would insist on staying in the country for “peace-keeping purposes” ((read: occupying the country, ensuring the locals and the local powers top be do each of their respective bidding)).

Seems the media is so far up the rectal orifices of their respective governments, that it’s becoming hard for them to inform the public ((as opposed to agitating the public)). And that holds equally for all sides, although the interim government in Kiev and the Ukrainian media up their rectal orifice is clearly the worst of the lot.

… or perhaps the Washington Post is trying to convince us that the word press stems in fact from the verb to press as used during the “production” of … fecal matter ((not to use the four-letter word)), not from printing after all. 😕

The warmongering rhetoric in the US and the spineless boot-licking of the EU governments along with the media up their respective ….. scares the shit out of me. We’re well on our way to a new cold war, only it may get hotter than expected, sooner than expected. Ooops, now I used the four-letter word anyway.

The track record of the US in supporting questionable and outright fascist or autocratic governments/rulers since the end of World War II also isn’t exactly suited to quell those worries. Is it … ?

// Oliver

PS: did anybody notice that the Russians want to update their nuclear arsenal and held nationwide nuclear drills and the US answered by holding similar drills as well? Only, I don’t see a person like the one John F. Kennedy became in 1963 on either side these days. If I was a person of faith, I’d probably pray.

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