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You may have noticed that I provide most of my stuff in two major packed formats: RAR, ZIP. This is for your convenience only. Since ZIP is not the most effective format around, I used WinRAR to pack the same content into this more effective format. This will decrease the download size for most stuff. But read on for compatibility issues ...

Only ZIP archives will be compatible with old ZIP programs, too. For the archives: I use RAR version 3.2 - 3.7. To unpack RAR files the author of WinRAR provides a free command line tool. If a program is not available as ZIP from here, use the RAR file plus UnRAR.


Small article about Why I use a BSD-style license

All my programs are provided under the following license that can be found here: license.txt. This is only true if not stated otherwise. Most (if not all) archives should contain their own license.txt. Please note, this license.txt takes precedence over any other if I am the copyright holder and unless the respective item is explicitly declared as "PUBLIC DOMAIN"!


If you like these downloads, I would be glad if you would show your appreciation, by buying me one of the books from my wishlist. Thanks!

[DIR] !export/
Just my /dev/null ;)
[DIR] !import/
Programs by others
[DIR] deutsch/
Just some materials from my German lessons
[DIR] IDA.idc/
Some useful IDA scripts - also visit IDA-Palace
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator files
[DIR] polnisch/
Material for the Polish language-course I took
[DIR] rsd2help/
Help file(s) for RShutdown2
[DIR] simplebuf/
Distribution point for FRISK's CSimpleBuf<T> C++ utility class
[DIR] temp/
[RAR] agreementgina2+src.rar
AgreementGINA2 is a sophisticated replacement GINA (this is with source code)
287 kiB2005-02-08@23:00:00
[RAR] agreementgina2.rar
AgreementGINA2 is a sophisticated replacement GINA
150 kiB2005-02-08@23:00:00
Some conversions of headers from C to Delphi (Native API unit now here! - JwaNative.pas)
51 kiB2005-04-24@22:00:00
Small tool to execute a command whenever a disk is connected/disconnected to/from the computer
91 kiB2012-10-03@15:54:31
Codetables of Russian/cyrillic characters
50 kiB2002-12-25@23:00:00
Just my approach to debugging of programs
16 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
Shows the difference between two files (original/patched) and creates a diff-file
38 kiB2003-09-19@22:00:00
[RAR] dscheat.rar
3569 Byte2010-10-05@12:18:24
[EXE] eda_preview270.exe
The most current preview of EDA
40 kiB2003-10-11@22:00:00
[RAR] eda_preview270src_2003-10-12.rar
Source of the EDA preview
107 kiB2003-10-11@22:00:00
Older source of EDA
117 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
Lists events from the NT event log
20 kiB2003-07-10@22:00:00
Just to notify you of new events in the event log
22 kiB2003-07-06@22:00:00
Filetime changer. Changes all three timestamps at once!
35 kiB2003-08-06@22:00:00
Program from the GIS course in Ukraine 2000/2001
537 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
[PDF] iptables-packets.pdf
12 kiB2011-03-13@17:30:48
[???] iptables-packets.vsd
121 kiB2011-03-13@17:30:48
Checking the properties of PE files
43 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
Tribute to my lecturer at the Ecological Faculty at the National Mining University of Ukraine
462 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
List Alternate Data Streams (ADS), PUBLIC DOMAIN
96 kiB2013-12-29@02:40:02
Create hardlinks on NT4 and higher (full source C/C++ and Delphi included).
44 kiB2005-04-09@22:00:00
Start programs in LocalSystem (SYSTEM) context
76 kiB2007-04-08@16:08:37
GUI-based program to see who's logged on in your NT/2K domain
30 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
Investigate reparse points (aka junction points, symbolic links), PUBLIC DOMAIN
99 kiB2013-12-29@02:40:02
[RAR] MACkerer2.rar
MACkerer2. Access control via MAC for the MS-DHCP server. Description here.
56 kiB2004-08-24@22:49:48
[RAR] makeguid.rar
1538 Byte2006-01-03@18:32:00
[RAR] miscprogs.rar
Collection of some older programs I wrote
371 kiB2012-10-10@20:18:54
Collection of some older programs I wrote
398 kiB2012-10-10@20:19:04
Shows the description to a NTSTATUS value plus its "name"
85 kiB2003-09-19@22:00:00
Obfuscate strings in Delphi programs
22 kiB2003-07-23@22:00:00
Interfacing with PROFIBUS using Delphi
25 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
[TXT] pktfilter_inst.txt
4664 Byte2003-02-18@23:00:00
Multithreaded portscanner
66 kiB2003-08-20@22:00:00
Printer notifications vivisected
23 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
Program to list running processes on local or remote machines and kill them on the local machine
30 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
Predecessor of PView2
36 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
[TXT] rollenspiel_und_maenner.txt
[DE] Lustiger deutscher Text
14 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
RShutdown2 to shutdown remote Windows machines
85 kiB2004-08-05@22:00:00
Save the event log(s) (even all at once)
24 kiB2003-01-22@23:00:00
Screen capture program
150 kiB2004-02-21@23:00:00
Screenshot class of mine
40 kiB2004-02-21@23:00:00
[PAS] shellapiex.pas
Using ShellExecuteEx() to wait for a child-process to finish (instead of CreateProcess)
5733 Byte2003-06-21@22:00:00
[RAR] start_lo.rar
Very simple shell replacement (launcher)
3138 Byte2006-01-03@18:32:00
SUBST command for NT++ (with C-source)
4839 Byte2004-10-02@22:00:00
Converting IDLs to Delphi units, a Perl script
7171 Byte2004-10-12@22:00:00
The tutorials compressed into one big file (since I am sick and tired of Google and other crapware alleging it to be malicious)
1827 kiB2004-04-06@22:00:00
Converting unicode text into HTML unicode entities
33 kiB2003-05-04@22:00:00
To find out which number represents which window message(s)
62 kiB2005-08-12@02:50:00
[RAR] winprodk.rar
64 kiB2012-12-04@01:55:46
82 kiB2012-12-04@01:55:46
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