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You may have noticed that I provide most of my stuff in two major packed formats: RAR, ZIP. This is for your convenience only. Since ZIP is not the most effective format around, I used WinRAR to pack the same content into this more effective format. This will decrease the download size for most stuff. But read on for compatibility issues ...

Only ZIP archives will be compatible with old ZIP programs, too. For the archives: I use RAR version 3.2 - 3.7. To unpack RAR files the author of WinRAR provides a free command line tool. If a program is not available as ZIP from here, use the RAR file plus UnRAR.


Small article about Why I use a BSD-style license

All my programs are provided under the following license that can be found here: license.txt. This is only true if not stated otherwise. Most (if not all) archives should contain their own license.txt. Please note, this license.txt takes precedence over any other if I am the copyright holder and unless the respective item is explicitly declared as "PUBLIC DOMAIN"!


If you like these downloads, I would be glad if you would show your appreciation, by buying me one of the books from my wishlist. Thanks!

[../] ../
[TXT] apis_revealed.txt
Some native APIs for which I found prototypes
4903 Byte2003-08-20@22:00:00
[RAR] AssasControls.rar
6936 Byte2005-08-15@19:48:00
[RAR] AveDeScript.rar
12 kiB2007-09-01@23:27:24
[TXT] c_deleteself.txt
C-program which deletes itself (does not work on XP++)
6228 Byte2004-06-04@22:00:00
[TXT] ca_colorfill.txt
Fast color filling
10 kiB2003-06-26@22:00:00
Fast color filling
363 kiB2003-06-26@22:00:00
[???] CommandPrompt.reg
1021 Byte2008-10-28@03:02:12
[RAR] cquotas.rar
Console program (prototype) to list quotas
47 kiB2003-07-06@22:00:00
Perl script to create a DDKBUILD project. Superseded by DDKWizard!
11 kiB2006-03-15@22:20:10
[TXT] delphi_deleteself.txt
Delphi-program which deletes itself (does not work on XP++)
6486 Byte2003-05-16@22:00:00
[EXE] delself.exe
Self-deleting EXE for demonstration
1024 Byte2004-06-04@22:00:00
[RAR] dhcptool.rar
15 kiB2003-11-18@23:00:00
First binaries of ERD_SMSS
383 kiB2003-09-10@22:00:00
[RAR] ermdcheck.rar
Small program to use in conjunction with the AgreementGINA
9 kiB2004-06-04@22:00:00
8719 Byte2005-08-22@02:58:00
List export forwarders
10 kiB2005-02-26@23:00:00
[RAR] exported_functions.rar
10 kiB2005-02-25@23:00:00
[RAR] getsfcfiles.rar
List files secured by SFC
12 kiB2003-08-20@22:00:00
[???] helloworld.c
1234 Byte2004-10-02@22:00:00
[RAR] hookhlp.rar
Helper functions and declarations for kernel mode SSDT hooks
5093 Byte2005-06-28@22:00:00
[EXE] InstallSuRun.exe
471 kiB2015-06-30@12:27:24
[TXT] loadeddllexports.txt
Small snippet to list loaded DLLs
1218 Byte2003-06-28@22:00:00
[RAR] malign.rar
36 kiB2012-10-03@15:53:57
My Delphi implementation of MD5
26 kiB2005-08-15@19:49:00
[RAR] msicodes.rar
29 kiB2007-12-05@05:24:48
[TXT] netsendusingmailslot.txt
Just what the file name says
1600 Byte2003-08-09@22:00:00
[EXE] pas2htm.exe
Old trial to HTML-format Delphi source. Nowadays I'd use Perl ;)
21 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
[RAR] processimg.rar
Just processing some geo-coded data
136 kiB2004-06-04@22:00:00
The enhanced GUI version to process geo-coded data
286 kiB2004-08-05@22:00:00
Password generator
73 kiB2012-01-05@02:25:20
[TXT] reglink.txt
Creating a registry link using Win32 API
5268 Byte2003-08-06@22:00:00
A sample program for a friend
2324 Byte2003-04-26@22:00:00
[RAR] SIDT.rar
Click for the accompanying article.
43 kiB2007-04-01@17:21:46
[TXT] str2asm.txt
1165 Byte2003-07-26@22:00:00
System units replacement for extra-small nonVCL programs
333 kiB2002-12-12@23:00:00
[RAR] treeviewtext.rar
Sample how to read out a remote treeview (different process)
3766 Byte2003-07-06@22:00:00
[RAR] usbkey.rar
262 kiB2010-11-24@00:19:01
[TXT] vaporcd.txt
Diff-file for use with DIFFIT to remove the lengthy nag-screen in VaporCD
611 Byte2003-09-19@22:00:00
[PAS] winwlx.pas
51 kiB2003-11-08@23:00:00
[RAR] winwlx.rar
Conversion of the WinWlx.h to Delphi
9 kiB2003-11-08@23:00:00
[???] xpy_startpanel.7z
11 kiB2005-09-02@21:34:00
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