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Flach, flacher, Snowden-Interview vom NDR

kein Text notwendig

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Angry terrorists

… playing Angry Birds. Right, NSA? Yes, please keep up your show of “it’s about the evil terrorists”. It’s working. Really! Honestly! No, really! Work’s for me … 🙄 // Oliver

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So …

… when under constant surveillance ((as we all are)), will we have to give a reference whenever we quote someone, NSA? Just curious. After all some politicians in Germany stumbled over the lack of references in their theses. Also, I … Continue reading

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Einen interessanten Artikel

… habe ich gerade bei gefunden. Unbedingt mal lesen. // Oliver

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Five Eyes

The Five Eyes, aka UKUSA Agreement, begs one giant question. Given that this exclusive “club” stretches across Anglo-Saxon exclusively countries and given the light Ed Snowden’s leaks shed on the relationship between GHCQ and NSA, where one wonders who is … Continue reading

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Billige Hetze

Ich finde es unsäglich, wie derzeit gegen den CSU-Generalsekretär Andreas Scheuer gehetzt wird. Weil er nur einen “kleinen Doktor” hat, meint die Systempresse sich das Maul zerreißen zu dürfen. Widerlich! Dabei sollte hinlänglich bekannt sein, daß es eben nicht auf … Continue reading

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Schneier briefed Congress

Bruce Schneier, a well-known cryptography expert and one of the few with access to the documents leaked by Snowden, briefed six Congress representatives on Thursday. Probably still a more honest speech than Obama’s. ON another note, here’s a fun quote … Continue reading

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Hach wie schön

Das Handy der Kanzlerin wird also nicht mehr abgehört – sagt Obama. Zurück zur Tagesordnung, denn jetzt wird ja nur noch der Rest der Deutschen … mithin der ganze restliche Plebs auf der Welt abgehört. Well done, Mr. President! Sie … Continue reading

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Will more nations shift right thanks to the NSA revelations?

Think about it. The logical thing to do is to go national and build up infrastructure (hardware and software) that is under full control of each respective national state. Having national routing was already raised as an idea. The logical … Continue reading

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A list of links

… in no particular order: and Hashtags: #NullifyNSA and #StopTheNSA // Oliver

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Impressions of a Sunday morning

So I woke up a few minutes to five and got up 5:04. I then drove my significant other to the airport at Keflavík and returned to the city. On my way back I was listening to some US radio … Continue reading

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Pressemitteilung … starker Tobak

Jeder Form der Funktionalisierung, Instrumentalisierung, Ideologisierung und Indoktrination gilt es zu wehren. (Quelle: Ich nehme an die nächste Pressemeldung wird die Abschaffung des Religionsunterrichts an öffentlichen Schulen fordern? // Oliver

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What’s the hype about VS 2010 through 2013

Finally I’ve gotten around to work a bit more with those versions. They are nice with PTVS, but heck they’re unstable. I encounter frequent crashes and hangs with all of those versions as well as slowness compared to VS 2005 … Continue reading

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