Impressions of a Sunday morning

So I woke up a few minutes to five and got up 5:04. I then drove my significant other to the airport at Keflavík and returned to the city. On my way back I was listening to some US radio preacher (or perhaps audio-only broadcast of a televangelist) as reception was pretty bad otherwise. Fun fun fun.

On the way back I made a stop at one of the 24/7 shops and when I got back into the car it happened: nothing. I turned the key and nothing happened. The car wouldn’t start. So I called the emergency number of the rental service and waited for over half an hour. Tried several times to start the car during that waiting time, but only very shortly (no minute) before the guy from the rental company arrived, it actually started. Bad luck, I guess.

Let’s see whether I get it to start when I want to go for grocery shopping later on.

// Oliver

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