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Nachdem ich auf der isländischen Seite von IKEA einiges gesucht aber leider nicht alle Details verstanden hatte, habe ich mich der Tatsache entsonnen, daß bei denen die Namen ja schwedisch und weltweit einheitlich sind. Das ist äußerst praktisch, denn nun … Continue reading

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Matching pool tags in Windows drivers

This is a note to myself, mainly. If the PROTECTED_POOL flag is set on a pool tag, freeing it will require the use of the same tag as when allocating it. For all other purposes the tag will be ignored … Continue reading

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China is right, it is censorship

If Germany or other EU countries try to block certain content due to “local laws” what’s the difference if China does it according to their “local laws”? And even the US, home of the free, is not exempt from censorship. … Continue reading

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Updated looklink again …

The program looklink has received an update. This time I replaced the CSimpleBuf class by a simpler one that is owned by the CReparsePoint class for ease of use. This is also a preparation to make use of the class … Continue reading

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ecryptfs and sshd …

I just made a discovery on the Ubuntu box I run. After being unable to log into it using SSH and my public key which it refused with a laconic Permission denied (publickey), I tried to dig deeper. So obviously … Continue reading

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Bosbach, Bosbach, Bosbach …

In der ZDF-Sendung Markus Lanz vom 2010-01-13 mußte sich “der Rhetoriker” Wolfgang Bosbach anhören, daß Zweifel an der Praxistauglichkeit und Nützlichkeit der sogenannten Nacktscanner aufkamen. Daraufhin meinte er: … mit der … mit der Logik – wenn die Logik richtig … Continue reading

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Cheater aus Überzeugung

Nico, ein bekannter Name in der Delphianerszene in Deutschland, hatte vor einigen Jahren ein Programm names AgeKey geschrieben (die alte Version findet sich hier). Dieses kleine Schmuckstück bot die Möglichkeit in der Age of Empires-Reihe (I und II) Cheats bequemer … Continue reading

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Updated looklink

The program looklink has received a minor update. // Oliver

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Überraschende Post

Gestern bekam ich überraschend Post, oder besser gesagt Email, von “Kundensupport” an eine von mir ansonsten kaum genutzte Emailadresse. Der Betreff besagte: Ihre Anmeldung auf In der Email wurde mir dann die mir zugewiesene Kundennummer verkündet (Auslassungen rot): … Continue reading

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Just signed the petition myself

… please sign as well. The death penalty is government-sanctioned murder and this petition to Barack Obama, fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner (2009) with Amnesty International (1977), tries to save the life of one particular death-row inmate, but clearly mentions … Continue reading

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Lazarus seems to become what Delphi used to be …

A few years back I turned away from Delphi. This was specifically because it is harder to express some things in Delphi than it is in other languages, but mostly due to how bloated, slow and unusable Delphi had become. … Continue reading

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Lesson learned

Today I was trying to treat an SVN dump file with sed in order to modify a few of the Node-path values. After finding out that GNU sed has no problem with binary files, I went on to formulate the … Continue reading

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svndumptool … propname for transform-prop

$ transform-prop –help Usage: transform-prop propname regex replace source dest I couldn’t find the possible properties detailed, so I used grep: Node-action Node-copyfrom-path Node-copyfrom-rev Node-kind Node-path … for the Node-kind and Node-action I found the following values: Node-action: … Continue reading

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The Icelandic deposit insurance

Yesterday I wrote about the veto of the Icelandic president concerning the reimbursement of IceSave depositors. After the Icelandic (and global) banksters privatized the profits, the societies of countries like Iceland are left with the – now socialized – losses. … Continue reading

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Plebiscite in Iceland

The decision of Icelandic president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson to veto an updated resolution of the Alþingi to reimburse IceSave depositors has sparked a bit of a controversy here on Iceland. Strangely enough the majority of Icelanders I talked to would … Continue reading

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