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AgeKey – cheating in Age of Empires I/II and Age of Mythology

As I had already pointed out in 2010 in a German blog entry, a rather famous – in in the German speaking Delphi-sphere at the time – programmer named Nico wrote a little program about 17 years ago which could … Continue reading

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Object Manager Namespace Viewer

I compiled the tool “Object Manager Namespace Viewer”, somewhat of a WinObj clone, again today and put up a code-signed version for people to download from Bitbucket. The tool is sample code Marcel van Brakel and I wrote in 2005 … Continue reading

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So no Inline Assembler in 64bit Delphi? Get over it!

Honestly. I’m seeing people go on and on about that issue, while I can’t help noticing other much bigger issues with Delphi all the time. No PDB support strikes me as a pretty big issue for one, or getting a … Continue reading

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Haha, that was so predictable …

Embarcadero is continuing to dig its own grave! The way Embarcadero treats legit customers is akin to the way the movie and music industries treat their legit customers. The paying customer sees the FBI warning (and isn’t allowed to skip … Continue reading

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Cheater aus Überzeugung

Nico, ein bekannter Name in der Delphianerszene in Deutschland, hatte vor einigen Jahren ein Programm names AgeKey geschrieben (die alte Version findet sich hier). Dieses kleine Schmuckstück bot die Möglichkeit in der Age of Empires-Reihe (I und II) Cheats bequemer … Continue reading

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