Haha, that was so predictable …

Embarcadero is continuing to dig its own grave! The way Embarcadero treats legit customers is akin to the way the movie and music industries treat their legit customers. The paying customer sees the FBI warning (and isn’t allowed to skip it either) at the very beginning of the DVD playback – pirates don’t. Go figure!

Good luck with your stance, Embarcadero. The logical next step will be to sue people. I hope as many people as possible will turn their backs on you. Ever since Delphi 7 the tools were decaying and silly Marketingese such as “The Delphi Language” was used to distract from the real problems that remained largely unsolved. People such as Andreas, the author of DDevExtensions, have tried to mitigate some of that and are now being punished. Way to go, Embarcadero …

// Oliver

Update: why not comment there? Well, for one people criticizing their products are taunted trolls on the Embarcadero forums and secondly the “Add Comment” link gives an error. They’re probably running the forum on Delphi for PHP or so 😆
PS: it looks as if Embarcadero was in for a category 5 shitstorm. Seems like their Marketing dept. will have to do some overtime this weekend?! 😕 …

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  2. > The logical next step will be to sue people.

    I’m quiet sure that they have a page hit counter on the how-to-buy web page and are surprised by the amount of people who access this page since update 1. I alone have accessed it about 40 times.

  3. Daniel says:


    I’ve turned my back on Emba since they’ve put down the download for Turbo Delphi, I’m working with Visual Studio 2010 Professional, C# and WPF, and I’m really really excited about it.

    So, yeah, Emba is a fuck up…

  4. John says:

    FWIW the XE update 1 crack seems to be already available from the usual websites, could be a fake, but somehow I doubt it.

    As usual, paying customers are the ones punished by copy protection…

  5. David I says:

    We are looking into the issue involved with RAD Studio XE Update #1 as it relates to pushing customers to the “Buy Now” site. Andreas has already posted an update
    at http://andy.jgknet.de/blog/.

    Andreas apologized in his blog post – “My last post about the death of DDevExtensions for XE Update 1 was an overreaction. It was late in the night, it was a copy protection problem and I wasn’t in the mood to fix this. It took me hours to identify which function hook in DDevExtensions caused the problem. But eventually I found it. It’s the dialog that asks for switching the project if you edit a file that isn’t part of the active project or its dependencies. The new DDevExtensions 2.1 for XE Update 1 that is identical to the original 2.1 version except for this hook is now available. That means no new bug fixes or new features.”

  6. Daniel says:

    I’d call it an “explaination”, not an apology. There are other people in this community, I’d expect a HUGE apology from. Mostly the guys at Emba – but, well… I guess, mountains will start flying first…

  7. Oliver says:

    Thanks for your comment, David. I second Daniel’s comment in that I also see it more as an explanation.

    But since you are an insider at Embarcadero I was wondering whether you (or someone else at your company) is willing to explain what your policy concerning “eating your own dog food” is?!

    In case you are not familiar with the term (it’s mentioned throughout English language literature) this is a policy where the products sold to the customer are used in-house. In particular consider all kinds of quirks or compatibility issues (such as the one discussed in my original post) . Do the developers at Embarcadero use the same product as we do, when working on the next version? It is usually then implied that the “pain level” induced by those quirks and issues during daily use will lead to quicker and better fixes . After all the developer of a software is – for the most part – in control of the product.

    Of course testing is another thing, so the new – work in progress – version would of course have to be run as well, but what’s used for daily use?

    Hope to hear from you,

    // Oliver

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