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Premake4 snippet to create solution names depending on target Visual Studio version

I prefer to name my solutions and projects something like projectname.vsX.sln and projectname.vsX.vcproj respectively. However, by default Premake4 generates the names as they are passed to the builtin solution and project functions respectively. Not cool enough for me. By the … Continue reading

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Religions of peace?

Most institutionalized religions, especially the proselytizing ones, seem to take an issue with criticism of any kind. Not that one should consider it criticism what I saw in the first few minutes of that unspeakable “Mohammed movie trailer”, but the … Continue reading

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SSL error with a newly signed cert?

Last night I literally spent hours figuring out an alleged issue with the certificate from StartCom. Of course the problem was entirely on my end, in the editor to be precise. But what happened? I fetched ca-bundle.pem and entered it … Continue reading

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Begeisternd …

… zu sehen wie wir seit Jahren unsere Bürgerrechte wegen religiös motiviertem – sprich islamistischem – Terrorismus ausverkaufen und sich nunmehr auch das Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung in diese Reihe ausverkaufter Bürgerrechte einreiht. Keine Frage, die Rechtsausleger (damit meine ich … Continue reading

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Uhm … what?

Okay, so I didn’t have time to even watch this weird trailer about this anti-Islamic “movie” last week. Last night I did. Well, actually I did up to minute three (out of fourteen) or so. It was somewhere between really … Continue reading

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DiBa, DiBaDumm …

Watt soll ich sagen. Da biete ich ner gewissen Bank an mein Konto bei denen aufzumachen und die sind nicht interessiert weil ich keinen Wohnsitz in D habe1. Na dann leckt mich halt am A…llerwertesten, liebe ING-DiBa. Geldeingang wäre gleich … Continue reading

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Google Code now only via login …

Google Code apparently requires logging into your Google account now before you can do anything. Well, good for them. Makes the use of svnsync and similar tools impossible, especially in unattended scenarios. Byeeeeeeee … svnsync: OPTIONS of ‘’: authorization failed: … Continue reading

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Highly useful: ddrutility

During a rescue mission I encountered read errors on both hard drives of a degraded RAID. Since most commercial end-user tools limit your flexibility I went for Ubuntu Rescue Remix 12.04 in order to use ddrescue. However, to my delight … Continue reading

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Nennt mich Jan ;)

Warum? Ich kenne mich auch mit Computern aus …

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Oh the pain

Were to start? Well, I have an HP Laptop. I used to have one of the end-consumer HP models (Pavilion) already before, but in fall 2010 I went for a business model: HP EliteBook 8740w. I didn’t regret it for … Continue reading

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I’m in love

While many fans were disappointed when Tarja left Nightwish and considered it a “downgrade” of the style and music, the opposite is true for Xandria. It’s a German band and their new singer, Manuela Kraller, has a formal training just … Continue reading

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German federals looking for trojan author – still

The German federals (BKA = Bundeskriminalamt, roughly the German equivalent to the FBI in the US) are still looking for someone with the qualifications to write what had been dubbed “Bundestrojaner” (literally: federal trojan) in 2008. This means that first … Continue reading

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Why is it …

… that everyone seems to be trying to get as close as possible to the luggage carousel in the luggage claim area at the airport? Wouldn’t it be more rational to stand a meter or two away from the luggage … Continue reading

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Thunderbird gave me trouble …

So after the recent update to Thunderbird, message filters stopped working. Potentially one of the add-ons got disabled in the update process, but I’m not sure. After trying to export and re-import the filters it turned out that the problem … Continue reading

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