Uhm … what?

Okay, so I didn’t have time to even watch this weird trailer about this anti-Islamic “movie” last week. Last night I did. Well, actually I did up to minute three (out of fourteen) or so. It was somewhere between really really bad, hilarious and preposterous. It’s very difficult to describe.

However, the fact that people had to die because of some mob going bonkers over this bullshit is simply saddening.

As an atheist I’d say that the rioting Muslims have once again proven that their claims about Islam as a religion of peace are nothing but lip service. Sure, not all Muslims go bonkers over every little bit of perceived heresy, but a lot of them do. And I’d say as soon as lives are lost due to those reactions the line is crossed – again and again and again.

The only thing more saddening than that is the way our spineless politicians react. Instead of explicitly condemning those acts of excess violence, they end up using legal means to prevent the screening of this crap movie. I mean, honestly, if I couldn’t already sit through one fourth of the bloody trailer – and I’ve had my share of truly bad movies – who could possibly sit through the whole film?

// Oliver

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