-1.2 (= -24.3)


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5 Responses to -1.2 (= -24.3)

  1. Corrine says:

    Wow! You are really sticking to your guns. -24.3 kg = -53.5 lb ❗

  2. Oliver says:

    Yep, I’m currently slowing down (consciously). It’s going to take a while to shed the weight and even longer to maintain it, so why not experiment a bit.

    Either way, thanks for your encouragement as well 😀

  3. Corrine says:

    Actually, I’m glad you’re slowing down. From what you’ve shared, you have an exercise program in place and have changed your diet so you’re on a good path. Extremes either way are not wise.

  4. Einar Jón says:

    Ill need to make you try water polo when you get back to Iceland.

  5. Oliver says:

    Sure. No idea what it is about, but it sounds interesting 😉

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