-2.4 (= -6.3)

… since first weekly measurement on 2011-07-07, i.e. after three weeks.

Weight loss graph 2011-07-21
The left side has been cut to protect the guilty numbers. I’ll post the full graph when I climbed down that summit on the left side :mrgreen: … oh and the very first number was an estimate after the first measurement on the scale. Leftmost date is 2011-07-02, rightmost is today.

PS: 6.3 kg is approx. 13.9 lbs
PPS: I have meanwhile trimmed the graph and left only the numbers from my morning weigh-ins and had to correct the overall loss in this post.

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One Response to -2.4 (= -6.3)

  1. Einar Jón says:

    I just hope you also trimmed the bottom of the graph.
    Otherwise you have lost ~90% of your weight…

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