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“Lustig” …

… wie sich die Medien zerreissen weil Putin wankt. Ob sich schon jemand über das russische Atomwaffenarsenal Gedanken gemacht hat? Beispielsweise für den Fall eines Bürgerkrieges … 😕 Mit fällt da der Titel “Russians” von Sting ein.

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GPG precompiled binaries for Win32

Well well, since I don’t trust others with this and I haven’t found signed binaries for GPG 1.4.11 from people I trust, I rolled my own. If you are looking for them and know or find that you can trust … Continue reading

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-2.3 (= 41.6)

First I was a bit shocked, but then I realized that this gives me some leeway over the holiday season 😛

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-0.6 (= 39.3)

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So the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) wants to recruit smart people. Well, there should be enough around. Although they seem to look for some 1337 h4x0rz, not some serious people from all indicators. The original one (MD5: 1585DFECC90AE7549814DCE52CA4EDDA) filled … Continue reading

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I’m blind (I think)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to use GNU make on all the unixoid platforms where I have to use it and I have been using it for some advanced stuff on Windows as well. But honestly, when has … Continue reading

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+0.1 (= 38.7)

It was a major setback (not really). Not even trying to excuse it 😆

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CVS and SSH on a very old machine …

Had trouble getting it to work with ancient versions of ssh (OpenSSH_3.1p1) and cvs (Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.20). Until I figured that I could write a little wrapper script to see what’s wrong. The wrapper script looked like this: … Continue reading

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-0.9 (= 38.8)

I’m in an odd mood. No idea where it comes from. Still, it reminded me of this: Blackadder: Brilliant! No time to lose. George, set up your easel, Baldrick and I will pose. This is going to be art’s greatest … Continue reading

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