Second impression …

After Remko encouraged me to to continue trying – pointing out how much he liked the various features in RAD Studio 2010 – I did continue. The Setup.exe in the folder D:\BDS2010\Install did the job of installing. Frankly speaking, the installation went without a hitch once I installed the JSharp 2.0 runtime environment. Last time with RAD Studio 2009 (at work) I wasn’t as happy. So I got it installed. Now started the application (“C++Builder 2010”) for the first time and got prompted for my EDN account details. Fine, the registration seemed to work as well. And then this:

… which makes me wonder whether there was any QA involved whatsoever. Or is this just bad luck on my end? So I decided to try another link named “Delphi 2010”, which gave me the same error again, then this one:

… and then at last I saw the new RAD Studio 2010 IDE for the first time. And yes, I unchecked all the database-related components from the installer before commencing the installation.

// Oliver

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  1. Remko says:

    I think you would be a good test monkey for Embarcadero 😉
    But seriously, I have installed Rad Studio 2010 on a number of systems without any issues at all.

    But it’s nice to see that at least you want to give Delphi/Pascal a go again. Keep us informed of your findings!

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