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Petition an Vodafone

Derzeit läuft eine Petition um Vodafone dazu zu bringen ein blindenfreundliches Navi weiter anzubieten. Weitersagen! // Oliver

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Liebe Politiker

… daß ihr nicht wißt was ein Browser ist und generell nicht viel Ahnung vom Internet habt, sei euch vergeben. Daß Email, genau wie andere Post, im Gegensatz zu Telefongesprächen eine asynchrone Kommunikationsform ist, sollte aber sogar euch klar sein. … Continue reading

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Opera’s blog has selective bit rot …

In the comment section of this post in the Opera Desktop Team blog, critical comments seem to disappear mysteriously within 24 hours. 😕 I’ve been a Opera user for over a decade and paying when they still charged – and … Continue reading

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“That’s all, just the planet” …

I don’t know whether it’s intentional, but this clip from Fox News is really just hilarious. I still can’t help myself thinking this might be some elaborate spoof like The Onion 😉 // Oliver

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Suggestive Berichterstattung?!

Die Formulierungen in der Berichterstattung des ZDF in der heute-Sendung von gestern (21. März) fand ich sehr bedenklich. Speziell in der Berichterstattung zur Gesundheitsreform in den USA. Dabei war mehrfach davon die Rede, daß es im US-Kongress keine Parteidisziplin bzw. … Continue reading

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No comment. Oh, and apologies for linking to this kind of “news site” …

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Argh … must suppress hateful thoughts …

Great, looking for flex any web search is now tainted and will actually return results for Adobe Flex. // Oliver

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Der Humpink

Wenn das mal nicht gleich den zweiten Oscar gibt 😉 NB: das Video ist Englisch!

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From Germany to Iceland with love: önnur skyrkaka

This is the kind of cheese cake as I know it, and skyr, formally a type of fresh cheese as well, works perfectly for this kind of cake. This is a bit different from the types that you can buy … Continue reading

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Wow, I am impressed!

Only recently did I point out that the enforcement of blockades on SourceForge due to US legislative restrictions have to be considered as censorship. Now, it turns out, the that the US government has learned that, quote: On December 10, … Continue reading

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Gottesbezug raus

Ich möchte meinen Aufruf nochmals erneuern. // Oliver

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Warum wir den Isländern dankbar sein sollten

Zugegeben, auch in Deutschland wird es den einen oder anderen geben der die Isländer dafür haßt, daß sie sich in der am 6ten März erfolgten Volksabstimmung gegen das Änderungsgesetz 1/2010 zum Gesetz 69/2009 entschieden haben. Auch wenn diese Gesetze im … Continue reading

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Áfram Ísland!

The Icelanders held the plebiscite yesterday and according to projections the majority of them has voted against the modifications (1/2010) to law nr. 96/2009 as passed by the Alþingi, just as expected. Not being an Icelandic citizen I still want … Continue reading

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Brush up your stereotypes about Germans

Obviously it’s the Brits who don’t have humo(u)r.

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Yeah … they are big, they can do it, right?

Connected_to_65.55.92.152_but_sender_was_rejected./Remote_host_said: _550_SC-004_Mail_rejected_by_Windows_Live_Hotmail_for_policy_reasons. _A_block_has_been_placed_against_your_IP_address_because_we_have_received_complaints_concerning_mail_coming_from_that_IP_address. _If_you_are_not_an_email/network_admin_please_contact_your_E-mail/Internet_Service_Provider_for_help._Email/network_admins,_we_recommend_enrolling_in_our_Junk_E-Mail_Reporting_Program_(JMRP),_a_free_program_intended_to_help_senders_remove_unwanted_recipients_from_their_e-mail_list:_ I wasn’t sending from my own mail server, but through a really big German ISP. And that makes it even more delicate. // Oliver

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Star Wars in Old Icelandic

A hilarious “treatise” about the old Icelandic saga of the people from the Tattooine river valley. The English introduction should be fun to read for almost anyone. Check it out on Thanks to the author. I had to laugh … Continue reading

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