Star Wars in Old Icelandic

A hilarious “treatise” about the old Icelandic saga of the people from the Tattooine river valley. The English introduction should be fun to read for almost anyone.

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Thanks to the author. I had to laugh very hard when reading things like:

Tattúínárdœla saga tells of the youth of Anakinn himingangari, beginning with his childhood as a slave in Tattúínárdalr, notably lacking the prolonged racing scene of the MHG version, […]

… or:

After this killing, for which Anakinn’s owner (and implied father) refuses to pay compensation, Anakinn’s mother, an enslaved Irish princess, foresees a great future for Anakinn as a “jeði” (the exact provenance of this word is unknown but perhaps represents an intentionally humorous Irish mispronunciation of “goði”).

… or:

Because of his great skill in hunting, Anakinn is now known to most as Veiðari-Anakinn, “hunter-Anakinn,” or often simply Veiðari.

// Oliver

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