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Debian mirror Article from the Freedom Of The Press Foundation

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Re: Let us hope this pans out for the PSF

Great news: Settlement reached in Python trademark dispute

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Let us hope this pans out for the PSF

Read the article over here: Python trademark at risk in Europe: We need your help!. I really hope this backfires so hard that no one else will try similar things on well established names that have been spread by non-profit … Continue reading

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mydumper – nice alternative for mysqldump

I’m using MariaDB. Now, I had the idea for smaller DBs to use the SQL dump and store that in a version control system such as Mercurial or Git. However, the ordinary mysqldump creates quite unreadable dumps. Since the version … Continue reading

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Hah, und es geht doch

Ich bin ja in Sachen Namespaces auch in C++ schon konservativ, daher benutze ich in Python vorzugsweise: import module statt: from module import * da letzteres mir ja alle Symbole ohne Rücksicht in den aktuellen Bereich übernimmt. Nachdem ich zuerst … Continue reading

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