So many questions this morning

  • Did Hillary already prepare her concession speech?
  • Will Hillary accept the election results or keep us in suspense?
  • How long will Mr. Drumpf’s term be? He’s not going to be as profitable to the MIC ((Military Industrial Complex)) as Hillary would have been, but on the other hand he’ll be less predictable. But usually the first one suffices to shorten a POTUS’ term by CIA.
  • Will Mexico really have to pay for The Great Wall of America™?
  • Do the Democrats regret having decided to let Hillary run?
  • Will Hillary be made to pay for her scheming to denounce Bernie Sanders?
  • If you denounce voters for one side in the press, why would you expect honest responses in polls?
  • Will Donald Trump still consider the election as rigged once his victory as president elect has been declared? What’s the consequence? Will he withdraw?
  • Will the electors from the electoral college vote as expected or will they change their minds?
  • And last but not least: Does he really get the “nucular” launch codes?

I can probably think of more during the coming hours and days. But I didn’t want to sign up on some (a)social media website to post these few sentences.

// Oliver

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One Response to So many questions this morning

  1. Deine Schwägerin ;-) says:

    The last question worries me the most.

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