Several botched executions in the recent past in the US after the individual states had trouble to acquire the drugs for the deadly cocktail whose inventor – a pathologist – is, by the way, against the death penalty now. All we can tell with certainty is that the paralyzing drugs most likely just cover the pain and suffering of the condemned. But then, perhaps that’s the unofficial part of the penalty?

And yet, death penalty, the most expensive, most inhumane, least civilized and most backwards penalty is what is handed to Dzhokar Tsarnaev – in the form of a deadly injection.

Thanks US of America for – once again – defending our so-called “shared Western societal values”. Into the future!

// Oliver

PS: I guess Tsarnaev is luckier than the hundreds of civilians world-wide who got killed by US drone strikes, had no attorney or verdict … and the handful actual terrorists that also got killed by said drone strikes.

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