“Fuck the EU”

Why does Victoria Nuland have to apologize for what she said in a private phone conversation? Whoever leaked this, it’s enlightening to hear, but it’s also no big deal. Besides, even US-Americans use the f-word much more often than the bleeping out in shows suggests. And no, I don’t mean just hip-hoppers and rappers 😉

And by the way: yes, fuck the EU. Very much indeed. It is the EU that sucks, not the European idea of living together in peace and prosperity without waging war on each other. I think a lot of Europeans think that way, but the Orwellian use of “EU” as synonym for “Europe” and vice versa causes many of us to think it’s a bad thing to say it like that.

The EU has too much become synonymous with a Europe that is so much bigger in reality (and I don’t just mean Schengen countries like Iceland, Norway and Switzerland either). For some reasons Russia is not considered part of Europe, even though it’s by far the largest European country, if you only count the European part of it.

Something went wrong along the way. And our politicians – and since today also our judges of the German supreme court equivalent – give away the sovereignty as piecemeal to non-elected “representatives” at the EU level. Well done!

Not that it matters. Representative democracy in the existing instances in the Western world is a joke at best. And more likely the mere prelude to another era of totalitarianism …

// Oliver

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