Small problem with CVS …

Today I was trying to check out from a CVS repo like this:

[1] oliver@foobar:~$ cvs -d :ext:oliver@cvs.domain.tld:/cvs/path-to-repo co module
connect to address Connection refused
Trying krb4 rsh...
connect to address Connection refused
trying normal rsh (/usr/bin/rsh)
cvs [checkout aborted]: received interrupt signal

Unfortunately that meant I was unable to check out the code. First it looked like some name lookup issue, until I realized that the error points to the cvs program choosing rsh for the ext method. Setting CVS_RSH=ssh solved the problem …

// Oliver

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2 Responses to Small problem with CVS …

  1. Stefan Einar says:

    Hey Oliver, the 90’s called and they want their concurrent versions system back!

    Oh well. Best get back watching the latest episode of Miami Vice 🙂

  2. Oliver says:

    Tss tss … how unfair a comment is that? As if I had a choice. At least there’s this neat overlaying of traditional VCS’ working copies with new modern DVCS repos, using that a lot …

    Wait until 17th … I’ll find you somewhere in the crowd at Harpa, Mister! 🙂

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