Whitehat, Greyhat, Blackhat

Sorry, it’s blatantly off-topic by all standards, but it’s an association I’ve always had.

Presumably you’ve heard those terms in connection with IT security. Now, often people have problems as to what those terms actually mean. Having an RPG background, I personally always compare them with magicians from the fantasy worlds 😉

In terms of the RPG system I used to play:

  • Whitehat == white mage, may seek knowledge, but will never ever cross certain artificially set limits or limits set by his guild, even if it means hitting the wall w.r.t. his knowledge
  • Greyhat == grey mage, seeks knowledge even by questionable means (from the PoV of a white mage) but will refrain from evil deeds or selling the soul
  • Blackhat == black mage, seeks knowledge by any means, will sell his soul to a demon if it means more knowledge

Hint: I consider myself a greyhat.

// Oliver

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One Response to Whitehat, Greyhat, Blackhat

  1. yasrick says:

    nyan hat 😀

    I washed my grey hat to a light dark white one. Age, social contacts and increasing disinterest.

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