-0.9 (= -28.0)

No idea whether it shows that I have slowed down successfully or whether that’s standard deviation. If you look at the old numbers so far, it could very well be deviation.

Either way, the plan right now is to lose a few more kilos, perhaps around forty altogether for now, then try to hold that to give the body some leeway to adjust, but continue the workouts and simply add more calories into the diet in order to be able to hover around a certain weight level for a while. Later on I will have to maintain it for years to come, so I reckon it’s also a good exercise. It will at least give me some time to experiment with intake and output. Not sure I’m going to post numbers here during that time (it will hopefully be a few weeks from now), but a certain unnamed “mentor” of mine will receive the numbers as usual on a daily basis 😉

Perhaps that will also be the point when I reveal the actual numbers, although neither that intermediate goal nor the original number are very flattering. We shall see …

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2 Responses to -0.9 (= -28.0)

  1. hitzi says:

    Nearly 30kg lost! Wow! Gute Leistung 🙂

  2. Corrine says:

    The actual numbers are immaterial. The point is that you found it necessary to make a change and have been working very diligently toward reaching your personal goal.

    Although you don’t want to lose the momentum, it probably is a wise move at some point to discover what it takes to maintain a level without having major deviations. It will probably take more careful monitoring to see what changes have the greatest impact.

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