Re: The catch when upgrading to VMware Workstation 8

I’ve sent a support request concerning the removal of replay debugging and so far the response has been rather positive. One advice was to turn here in order to file a formal feature request, Which I did:

Subj: Requesting re-inclusion of Replay Debugging in VMware Workstation 8


I was advised by your support engineers to file a feature request for the problem I encountered.

Only after I upgraded to version 8, did I find out that one of the distinguishing features of VMware Workstation compared to other virtualization products, Replay Debugging, was gone.

Please bring the feature back. It’s most useful to developers, even though it still had some “sharp edges”. With some honing, I’m sure, a bigger group of developers would have used the feature. Granted, it was somewhat tedious to get it running initially, but once that’s done, it’s a brilliant and helpful feature.

Please bring it back.

With best regards,

// Oliver

Update: even got called back because of the support/feature request already. 😀

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