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Changing local Git clone from master to main

I never understood why Git chose master as the default branch name, MAIN in CVS seemed more sensible, but perhaps Torvald’s animosity towards CVS and SVN plays a role. Presumably trunk in SVN is a reference to the tree-like structure, … Continue reading

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After more than 17 years — it all started in April 2004 — I am no longer hosting the UltraVNC forum. To the users the only very visible recent change may have been that now forwards to The … Continue reading

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… anders kann man diverse sogenannte “Satire”-Formate im deutschen Fernsehen mittlerweile nicht mehr nennen. Dazu gehören ganz offenbar extra3 und die heute-show. Zwar gibt es auch hier hin und wieder satirische Elemente, aber zu häufig wird in einer Form zugespitzt, … Continue reading

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