Evil Russians in American films

… really have the suckiest accents.

Just watched episode 18 (“Rock Creek Park”) of season 10 of “Criminal Minds” and both geniuses on the BAU side (Reid and Agent Loker) as well as the “Russians” speak words that one can make out as roughly Russian and the subtitles match approximately the really really bad pronunciation. But it’s not authentic by any means.

Amazingly, in the German dubbed audio Reid also asks the Agent Loker the same thing (he asks her out for a coffee) and while the pronunciation does not match that of a native speaker, it’s much much closer to the real thing. Who says dubbed films are crap?

By the way, similar thing for “Boondock Saints”. The “Russians” in that movie are just hilarious in the English original. But in the German dubbed version the speaker could have been a native speaker.

// Oliver

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