American Sniper?

What’s the buzz about that “American Sniper”, Chris Kyle, right now in the US?

Wasn’t he but another murderer killing from safe distance?

Much like drone-killer dad who kisses his kids goodbye in the morning, drives to work and kills a few families and kids or the occasional terrorist thousands of miles away and then hurries to pick up his kids from the kindergarten after fulfilled duty? …

// Oliver

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One Response to American Sniper?

  1. Christian says:

    I’d say: A typically US story about a man who came with “good intentions” into a country without knowing the whole picture. But he knew one thing: Some terrorists killed in US and so someone had to pay for it. He got lucky that he wasn’t injured physically but he nearly “killed” his family. Well in the end, the US tried to solve a problem outside of their borders but couldn’t solve their own problems. So a veteran got killed by not terrorists but his own fellow citizens. Why? Because today soldiers are praised for their commitment in war. But if they got injured or traumatized they won’t get the help needed. The USA is not the only country. Germany has the same problem, though it got a tiny bit better. Unfortunately some soldiers had to fight for it a long personal war through all legal instances. Why wasn’t this problem recognized earlier? Politicians want to create child care for soldiers, but the soldiers itself are left alone with their problems?
    For me all soldiers are heroes. I don’t care if they fight or not. There shouldn’t be a hype about one single man! Don’t take me wrong. I’m against war, against violence. Unfortunately, todays terrorists don’t understand the word. It is not possible to speak to them. They are blind for good words. So we still need soldiers. But we also need a way to integrate soldiers back into our society. Make them civilans again! They are humans in the end. Humans with experience which the usual citizen doesn’t want to cope with, ever. So we need people who want to fight for our right of freedom. Against people who want to slave us all for a god,.. no, better: for their blinded thinking what god wants (well they want power over others in the end).
    My humble opinion only.

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