“Why are you spying on Grandma?”

… just got to read these two gems earlier today:

But the part about

Why are you spying on Grandma?

struck me as odd. Shouldn’t that be the

Why are you spying on the Grandma of my friend abroad in $NameOfCountry?

Anyway, I wonder how they still try to sugarcoat those matters when it’s become clear that the NSA is basically a StaSi with:

  • more sophisticated technology and more computing power
  • world-wide scope – of course minus the precious homeland, if you believe those that lied so many times before
  • the disguise of defending a democracy that has strong totalitarian tendencies

… well, I’m sorry but I have to run and therefore the list remains unfinished.

Maybe, after all, the Cold War didn’t end the way it looked. Maybe the worst remnants survived? …

// Oliver

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