So on July 15th I went to DHL here in Reykjavík to check what it would cost to send back a defective item received through DHL in the first place. After I was almost through the whole process, I saw what it would cost 17455 ISK1 and said I would check with the guy who sent the parcel to me whether this amount was okay for him to reimburse me. I never went back to DHL, but I also never signed or paid anything.

Still, today I have a letter in my mailbox: Innheimtuviðvörun (approx. “debtor’s note”). It says they have an open claim against me, yadda yadda yadda.

Well, since I never sent anything nor ever signed anything concerning this parcel, I hardly see why they would have a claim. So I called them and told the nice lady that the claim had no substance and why. She promised to fix it and follow up if it couldn’t be fixed for some reason (i.e. she said: if “you have to pay”).

// Oliver

Update: they dropped the claim.

  1. approx. 145 USD or 109 EUR, i.e. more than four times the amount the Icelandic Post asks for the same parcel: 3699 ISK []
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