Oh for fucks sakes, Opera …

Why did you have to make your browser crappy like the rest of the bunch? Just upgraded to 15.something and lo and behold tab stacking is no more and I am confronted with a sh*tload of tabs whose labels or favicons are invisible. Worse, yet, the pinning option seems to be gone as well.

I’ll probably have to look for a new browser … shame – after fifteen years.

// Oliver

Missing features so far:

  • Disabling plugins – hasn’t been migrated, and the setting about click to activate plugin also hasn’t, so I’m exposed by upgrading.
  • Stacked tabs – completely gone, it seems.
  • Tab pinning – completely gone, it seems.
  • Click to activate plugin content – or hasn’t been migrated – best enjoyed with enabled plugins (which happens due to incomplete migration).
  • Proper wand behavior – yellow border for fields that can be auto-filled, haven’t tested websites with multiple sets of credentials, yet.
  • User scripts don’t work or haven’t been migrated.
  • User notes don’t work at all.
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