Russian whores want to chat with me? Really …?

Spam spam spam-a-dee-spam …

Don’t get me wrong. In a sense I admire the women who decide freely to prostitute themselves. It certainly takes courage and guts. I only think that the majority of them don’t get to decide freely but instead have to do it out of some need, be it financial (most likely) or because of an addiction (which also boils down to money in the end).

I’ve seen Russian women, i.e. the superset of the “advertised” type of women, and some of them are … well, appetizing in a superficial way … but many of them are covered in so much make-up that you’d have to scrape it off half the night before you get to see the real woman behind it. And there are beauties among them, so why do they hide behind this mask of make-up? On the other hand I had an assignment once in university with three other students, two female, and another one and I male. Let’s put it this way: one of the females (superficially seen less attractive1, but I suppose I am sapiosexual so I’m enchanted by other values primarily) did the biggest part of the work and the other two didn’t even prepare to present it afterwards. However, the Polish professor was so enchanted by the two “charismas” our Russian female presenter had to present at chest-level and her overall fashion and make-up, that we got an excellent grade even though we didn’t deserve it – for the presentation alone sucked.

Anyway, back to the topic. Being a single what exactly would a “whore”, sticking to the terminology in the received spam mail, be able and willing to give other than *cough* “sexual services”? I mean this literally appeals to the most basic instincts men – and I don’t exclude myself from that set – can have. I’d have to be mentally impaired by means of huge amounts of alcohol and/or other drugs to even consider this for a moment. So is the link given in those spam mails merely trying to lure me into visiting a website that exploits the latest Java security hole or what is this about? Are we – the male population of planet Earth – really so dumb (collectively) to fall for this so that sending this spam out in masses will yield any results? Are feminists right after all and all the blood rushes from the brain into another part of our body which then also assumes the function of thinking, or lack thereof? …

Perhaps it’d been better the world as we know it had ended on 21st last year then … 😕

// Oliver (pretty confused, but not: pretty, confused ;))

  1. she was smarter, though []
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3 Responses to Russian whores want to chat with me? Really …?

  1. Mathias says:

    Lucky guy! I only get mails by one Rachel (or Michelle?) saying she has information that will change my life forever. And there is no sex included.

  2. Oliver says:

    Phew, so it is actually a good offer then? 😆

  3. Mathias says:

    Must be! A russian whore would not lie, Olli. :mrgreen:

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