The plot thickens …

… and even though as a skeptic you won’t hear me say that the Mayans were right (and quite frankly I don’t think it’ll be the end of the world, at most the end for all biped advanced life on this planet), it seems that as with many prophecies the parties in the mentioned prophecies are working actively on making it become true. Let us hope that Netanyahu and Barak are rational-thinking people and that the Iranians are too.

The only major conflict of interest I see is that the Iranian politicians probably are more the rational-thinking people than the nutter as which Ahmadinejad frequently appears. And as such it is logical, even understandable, that they strive for “the bomb”. No one would say that India or Pakistan getting it made the world any safer. But instead of Pakistan getting invaded, like for example Afghanistan was, their military gets funding from the USA. And unlike with a country such as North Korea for which the geo-strategical interest of the USA is limited, there are interests in Pakistan, similar to those in Afghanistan. The lesson for any country that is not embedded in some multilateral association of countries other than the UN is to get “the bomb” and get it fast.

Let us hope Israelis, Iranians and Americans love their children, too.

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