I didn’t do it for science: bloody gravel (literally)

… but I think my findings could benefit others 😉

Gravel on cobblestone doesn’t provide the same grip as normal asphalt does when you try to take a sharp turn at high velocity with your bike. This somewhat surprising fact struck me when I decelerated from over 25 km/h to zero within two seconds as I hit the ground.

Also, gravel as a substitute to cereals is vastly overrated. I’ll still prefer oatmeal, despite the bland taste. Sure, gravel is crunchy and all, but somehow it doesn’t cut it for me.

What also came as a surprise was the fact that hitting the ground like that isn’t quite as painless as it looks on Youtube when you’re the one doing it 😆 … I was lucky though, that I didn’t wear gloves. If I look at the big slices of skin that were cut from my hand I can imagine how horrible the gloves would look now. They’d probably be wrecked.

Oh, and I know for a fact that a helmet makes sense when biking.

// Oliver

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2 Responses to I didn’t do it for science: bloody gravel (literally)

  1. Corrine says:

    I take it that nothing was broken (other than your pride).

    Take my advice and add some cinnamon and unsweetened applesauce to your oatmeal and you won’t be tempted to substitute gravel. 😉

  2. Oliver says:

    That sounds yummy 🙂

    Yeah, I’m fine. Of course the scars are still there and will be for some more weeks, but nothing broken. Not even my pride – just a shame it wasn’t filmed :mrgreen:

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