Now with ads

During my flight back to Iceland, I noticed that Icelanders (the airline and the shuttle bus operator) seem to have acquired a taste for ads played to an audience that can hardly flee the location. Having a number of people crammed into a vehicle (Boeing 737, shuttle bus) they cannot simply leave seems to be a good reason to feed them with advertisements.

The first ad was a live performance by one of the stewardesses in the plane, telling us about all the nice duty-free offerings on board. The second was and advertisement on the bus for day tours (and the likes) here in Iceland, offered by the company that also operates the shuttle buses to and from Keflavík airport.

Will have to bring earplugs next time 😉

// Oliver

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2 Responses to Now with ads

  1. Christian says:

    Be glad that there are still no ads that can be directly projected in your brain like in Futurama :mrgreen:

  2. Oliver says:

    Oh well, thanks for the nice prospect :mrgreen:

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