Revived Quick Launch keeps disappearing

So, after solving part of the mystery surrounding the Quick Launch in Windows 7 to restore at least some of the functionality that MS decided to strip, the Quick Launch keeps disappearing. Reboot once and everything appears to be fine. Reboot any more times and things randomly go foobar.

The first problem to overcome was that the language bar when minimized onto the taskbar would prevent the Quick Launch from being relocated next to the start button. I was finally able to resolve this by restoring the language bar so it was off the taskbar and then moving the Quick Launch to its traditional place. Fine. Of course I also moved the icons around to be most efficient for me but now the Quick Launch disappears any time after the second reboot. Why? …

Anywho, here is a screenshot of how it should look (click to see original resolution):

The whole taskbar

// Oliver

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2 Responses to Revived Quick Launch keeps disappearing

  1. Corrine says:

    Did you move the Language Bar back to the Task Bar? If so, I have read that both the Quick Launch and Language Bar on the Task Bar causes this behavior. As a test, close the Language Bar and restart. If Quick Launch is still there, is there another location for quick access to the Language Bar?

  2. Oliver says:

    Yes I did. And and so far it didn’t disappear again, but that happened always upon reboot before and of course I don’t reboot so often. Hope it’ll stay this time.

    Also, I did not close the language bar, but rather restored it (meaning it will then float somewhere on the desktop, usually at the top). To put it back into the taskbar I merely had to minimize it.

    Also, I only use the language bar as indicator which is the active language in the current window. So I don’t click there in order to change languages. For this I use Left Shift+Alt.

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