Using DDKWizard to create driver projects

Today I released a tool with the name DDKWizard. But before telling you some details let me rant about these other so-called “DDKWizards” a bit :mrgreen:. Let’s take this one first – it will create a project that lets you compile a driver with the Visual C++ compiler. What the heck? Don’t they know that the Visual C++ compiler is not supposed to be used to compile drivers?! After the NT4 and the W2K DDK (where VC6 had to be used for compilation) Microsoft has provided a compiler as a part of the DDK (and IFSKit, if you like). This is the only compiler to be used for drivers. Despite this problem – which all other wizards have – they do not really give you many choices to configure the project to your need and are limited with respect to the supported DDK(s) and so on.

On the other hand DDKWizard (that is the real one :mrgreen:) is based on the DDKBUILD scripts from OSR. This allows you to create projects which contain all possible configuration for all the DDKs supported by DDKBUILD. And that is what DDKWizard allows you to do.

To read more visit the DDKWizard website and download the installer or grab the manual to read more before you decide to download the installer. Be sure your level of laziness matches the requirements in the Prerequisites part of the manual 😉 :mrgreen:

// Oliver

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