Dear UN Secretary General Guterres

According to the news and the WEF website you said this (emphasis mine):

I think we need to understand the grievances and to understand the reasons why – the root causes of why large sectors of the population in different parts of the world today disagree with us. And we need to address those root causes and we need to show these people that we care for them.

See, the problem with this statement is that these are blatantly true words from an elitist representing the globalist plutocracy present at the WEF. You need to show these people — us — that you care. You need not actually care. All you need to do is to get the virtue signalling right again. True that …

The reason people lose faith in so-called democracies is that all the institutions of these democracies are failing one by one and the political elites worldwide, including in Western liberal democracies, have a great time cutting down civil liberties and pushing an economic agenda that benefits the top few instead the majority (as democrats will eagerly lecture one, democracy is supposed to work).

… so thank you for your honest words, Mr. Secretary General. It’s great to see some honesty left in those circles.

// Oliver (citizen of this planet)

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