WhatsApp are you serious, Facebook?

So I’ve been coerced into using WhatsApp before. While they seemingly have finally addressed the issue of running WhatsApp on multiple devices, the web app isn’t going to cut it for me, as my browser settings are going to deny certain requests of storing data and will wipe out other stuff regularly. So effectively I’d have to do the “register with QR code for the web app” routine all the time.

So I thought, well they offer this desktop app. Of course I’m aware that – just like the Slack app – it’s a glorified Chromium-based browser posing as a desktop app. But after download it turns out that the installer was not signed at all.

Are you serious, Facebook? Are we back in the 1980s or something and I didn’t get the memo? If I can afford code-signing for spare time open source projects, you certainly can afford code signing for the stuff you make money on.

// Oliver

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