War is up to the president?

“War is up to the president, and perhaps up to Congress,” Mattis said.

(quoted as per this LA Times article)

Sorry to spoil your “fun” Mr. Mattis, but according to the US Constitution only Congress has the power to declare war. Or has Congress signed away that right via some sick legislation which they let even pass? Oh, of course. The War Powers Resolution. The legislation that was meant to justify the Vietnam War after the fact; one of the wars started by the US under false pretense.

Well, given there have been numerous US-driven wars since 1945, but not a single declaration of war since 1942, I guess there must be a kind of fast-track method these days. The War Powers Resolution doesn’t really mean Congress signed away its sole power to declare war. So I wonder why the presidents who overstepped their constitutional boundaries weren’t held accountable.

Scary shit, especially in times of a POTUS whose campaign aides didn’t trust him with his Twitter account.

// Oliver

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