Re: bad, worse, worst, CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA

I wrote about reCAPTCHA once before.

However, on that day Google made a claim. The claim was that a single click would be enough to tell whether you were a bot or a human. Well, that claim is hogwash. Similarly to the claim that reCAPTCHA even remotely fulfills the one purpose it’s meant to fulfill: tell humans and bots apart.

The circumstances under which Google knows enough about us to make that call and have a single click suffice to “solve” their CAPTCHA is when we submit to their invasive practices. If we refuse to use their web search and other services, they won’t know enough to make the call and we’ll be back to the stupid task of selecting the images matching a particular term. And even though that term may be handed to you in your native language, it doesn’t mean that the definition of that term from your native language applies.

Way to go, Google!

// Oliver

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