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Also, nochmal zusammengefaßt

Der russische Bomber, welcher am Dienstag nach offizieller Darstellung der Türkei für ganze 17 Sekunden den türkischen Luftraum verletzt hatte, wurde innerhalb dieser 17 Sekunden “zehnmal innerhalb von fünf Minuten” auf dem Notkanal gewarnt. Hiermit hat die Türkei endlich einmal … Continue reading

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Code-signed stuff

In case you prefer, like I do, code-signed software, here are a few pieces of software that are built and code-signed by me: Greenshot (however, without any of the plugins!) PuTTY, SuRun, LICEcap (PuTTY is now code-signed by its author … Continue reading

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Literally the least one can do

Praying. Politicians love to express how they’ll include someone in their prayers at every possible occasion. And quite literally it is the least anyone could do. Unfortunately as an unbeliever I don’t have the comforting thought of having done something … Continue reading

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