Re: Are Americans the next Germans?

More circumstantial evidence transpired that US-Americans don’t understand the concept of irony anymore:

  1. Charles Schumer said: “He is not at all like the great human rights crusaders in the past, the Martin Luther Kings or the Gandhis who did civil disobedience because he — first, he flees the country.”
  2. Dianne Feinstein said: “Well, I don’t think this man is a whistleblower. Whatever his motives are — and I take him at face value — he could have stayed and faced the music. I don’t think running is a noble thought. I don’t think there’s anything noble.”

The irony? Well:

  1. Gandhi and Martin Luther King stayed and got murdered. Perhaps this 30 year old guy (happy belated birthday, Ed!) has no intention of forfeiting his life just yet?
  2. Same thing as above, plus Mrs. Feinstein doesn’t seem to realize that something must have changed if with Snowden it’s the seventh whistleblower prosecuted according to the espionage act from 1917. Something that happened only thrice during all presidencies before Obama ((yes, that’s 10 people overall and 7 during Obama’s two terms … only a Nobel Peace Prize winner can get away with such chutzpah!)) and more ironically happens under a president who vowed to make the government more transparent than ever before. Of course claiming he’s not a whistleblower is as predictable as the use of the term “enemy combatant” to avoid being bound by the Geneva Conventions and strip humans of all rights.

Go figure!

// Oliver

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2 Responses to Re: Are Americans the next Germans?

  1. Helgi Briem says:

    = Ring ring =
    “Hello, this is the German coastguard, how can I help you?”
    “Help, help we are sinking.”
    “Yes, what are you sinking about?

    A German walks into a bar and asks for a glass of white wine.
    “Dry?” asks the bartender.
    “Nein. Just one.”

  2. Oliver says:

    Shouldn’t that be:

    “Nine, just one?” :mrgreen:

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