If you think about it …

… it’s kinda funny how in the second half of the 1990s I was visiting Israel and at one of the many sites of Christianity, near the lake Gennesaret, we were handed a leaflet by some apocalyptic sect warning us about the connections between the number of the beast and implanting chips into people. Of course back then they were concerned about the turn of the millennium which most of us survived without the prophesied apocalyptic problems.

Today it’s en vogue for some people to implant these chips and given the aspirations of so-called “Western democracies” – led by their self-appointed leader, the United States of America – it doesn’t at all seem far-fetched that this will become a mandatory procedure for citizens of said Western “democracies” within our lifetimes. A pretty chilling thought. Surveillance is but one piece in a big puzzle.

I wonder where we’re headed. Thinking about it, it doesn’t look like the brightest of possible futures. Are we the lambs being led to the slaughterhouse? 😕

// Oliver

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